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Four Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

girl with braces sitting in a dentist's chairAside from having a straighter, better-looking smile, what advantages are there to investing in braces? If you’re an adult considering treatment for yourself or one of your children, here are some of the ways an aligned bite can be worth taking the first step.

1. Lower Your Risk of Tooth Decay

Crowded and crooked teeth tend to get more cavities than those that are aligned properly. Investing in braces can reduce your chances of recurring areas of tooth decay.

2. Manage Gum Disease

Periodontal infections are difficult to manage when they involve misaligned teeth. Making orthodontic treatment part of your gum disease therapy offers a comprehensive approach to establishing better oral health.

3. Limit Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

The way your teeth bite together affects how your jaw (TMJ) moves. Atypical biting relationships mean your joint has to compromise its natural range of motion for eating and speech. Aligning your smile promotes healthier TMJ movement, thereby potentially reducing muscle tension.

4. Fewer Dental Emergencies

Having jetted-out teeth puts you at an increasingly higher risk of dental injuries (especially if you’re involved in recreational sports). Bringing your smile into alignment may reduce your chance of broken, chipped and knocked out teeth.

Braces FAQ

Do You Offer Invisalign®?

Yes. These clear aligners are a great alternative to conventional braces. They’re comfortable and convenient; take them out to enjoy all of your favourite meals.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Both Invisalign and braces treatments vary on a patient-to-patient basis. Most people complete their orthodontic therapy in about a year. We can provide you with a firmer estimate at the time of your evaluation.

Do Aligners or Braces Affect My Speech?

Wearing braces can take some getting used to, especially when it’s time to eat or talk. Aligners feel more natural as there aren’t any wires or brackets to work with, although some people may have a slight lisp until they get used to wearing their Invisalign trays.

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