Damage to teeth happens in most cases due to decay, however, we also see patients present with cracked teeth, worn teeth and even teeth that have been traumatised in accidents.

Every patient will present with individual requirements and our team has the expertise and skills to be able to address any of your needs.


The most common restorative procedure is a dental filling. A filling is required to repair the damage that may have been caused by decay or tooth structure that may have cracked. Fillings come in a variety of materials and each comes with their own strengths.


Restorative Dentistry at Essential Care Dental

Our dentists almost always use tooth coloured fillings such as composite resin that blends in perfectly with natural tooth and restores the overall shape. Tooth coloured fillings are extremely predictable in terms of strength and longevity too. They are bonded or glued to the natural tooth and as a result maximum tooth structure can be preserved.

As tooth coloured fillings are generally bonded, extreme care has to be taken to keep the field of work dry and moisture free. At Essential Care Dental, our dentists will use a special rubber dam that acts as a raincoat to keep away any saliva. It helps create a perfect environment to place your filling so that we can ensure we provide you with the highest quality of work.

The rubber dam also aids by retracting your lips, cheeks, and tongue and gently supports your jaws so you do not have to worry about how you hold your mouth open for us.



There are instances when the damage to the tooth is more substantial and simply placing a filling will not provide adequate strength or give the best result. In such cases, our dentists may recommend a crown as a preferred option. Crowns are custom made covering designed to be seated and cemented over the top of your own tooth.

Crowns, like fillings come in different materials. Our dentists will explain to your options however ceramic crowns are the preferred option for most teeth. Gold crowns are an excellent choice and alternative for molars that are not in the visible smile line.

Crowns are also be indicated in cases where there is already a large filling, usually an amalgam, and fine crack lines start to appear on the surrounding tooth structure. Patients may even present with sharp pain on biting and in such cases a crown is the preferred option. It allows for complete support for the weakened tooth and provide a seal to reduce the chances of nerve inflammation or tooth fractures in the future.

Crowns can also be indicated to restore aesthetics and achieve a natural look for discoloured or fractured teeth that may be visible in your smile. Our ceramists whom are based locally in Brisbane are brilliant at achieving the perfect artificial crown to blend in or enhance your smile as per our instructions and your needs.

Just like all aspects of our clinical dentistry, our dentists will always ensure that you understand all your options no matter how simple or complex your restorative dental requirements may be. By providing high quality services, you will always feel confident in our abilities in looking after your smile.


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