Toothaches are generally caused by an enlarged cavity, advanced gum disease or even cracked teeth. Any one of these conditions can present as severe, acute pain with either a gradual or sudden onset. In times like these, seeking urgent dental treatment is a priority. Our experienced dentists at Essential Care Dental can provide you with an accurate diagnosis, appropriate options and offer treatment to relieve you of the symptoms and condition.

We recognise it’s important not to make quick decisions regarding your health. We always encourage our patients to explore all dental options that we present, including the long-term implications and costs.

If you need urgent help with a toothache, you can give us a call or book directly online below. Our friendly team will be able to help.


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Trauma or accident

Sometimes a severe impact to the face can lead to a broken tooth requiring urgent attention. Dental trauma can be very stressful for the individual and family members involved. Seeking immediate dental care and addressing the situation appropriately will deliver the best outcome by increasing the survival chance of the tooth.

Here are Essential Care Dental’s tips for managing dental trauma:

  • Control any bleeding with a towel or cloth.
  • If possible, locate and keep any broken teeth. Rinse them for 10 seconds under cold water to wash away any dirt or debris.
  • Store the teeth in a container with milk or saliva.
  • Contact us for emergency treatment. We’ll endeavour to make your appointment as soon as possible.


Remember, proper care in the early stages following injury greatly influences tooth survival. Our caring dentists at Essential Care Dental will deliver treatment that will best restore the confidence in your smile.

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