It is with no doubt that most of us are aware that teeth play a vital role in our body.

Teeth collectively form part your overall facial profile and are important for proper speech. Essentially, a healthy set of teeth forms the basis for a healthy body.

Unfortunately, if not maintained well teeth are prone to gum disease and dental decay. Gum disease and dental decay both occur due to the accumulation of a layer of bacteria called plaque. Plaque starts to form within hours of brushing and flossing and generally speaking is the main cause of most oral health problems.

Our team at Essential Care Dental are highly trained in providing a very comprehensive maintenance plan and this begins from your first visit. Whether you have come to visit us for a regular check up or have presented to us with a particular concern, we strongly believe that it is our duty to ensure you understand how to prevent future problems from arising.

An integral part preventative dentistry is living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining regular hygiene routine. A comprehensive routine would include twice daily brushing and interdental cleaning usually with floss. On top of this six monthly hygiene visits are generally scheduled with one of dentists to ensure your gums and teeth are in top shape.

What can you expect when you visit Essential Care Dental for your hygiene appointment?

A comprehensive examination of your mouth will include not just an assessment of your teeth and gums but we also will check your jaw joints, assess your soft tissues for any pathology and assess your bite and smile too.

We will take digital x-rays to ensure we have checked the in-between surfaces of your teeth that are not visible during examination. X-rays also show health of your jaw bone under the gums. We generally take digital photos to also show you the inside of your mouth so that you are able to see what we see too.

Once the examination is complete, plaque and calculus that may have built up since your last hygiene appointment is gently cleaned away. A fluoride gel is then applied to your teeth to help strengthen them. Our team will also demonstrate and explain ways to improve and up keep your oral health and ensure that any questions you may have about your mouth are answered.

At the conclusion of your appointment, you will be advised on the recommended hygiene schedule. Six monthly hygiene appointments are generally recommended in most cases. Should you require any treatment, we will provide you with all recommended options and also an itemised treatment plan for your reference.


What if I have periodontal (gum) disease?

Our dentists at Essential Care Dental are well trained to look after all your needs including those patients that suffer from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is generally inflammation of the gums and surrounding dental tissues that can lead to long term tooth loss should it be left untreated. It is generally as a result of poor oral hygiene regimen. Periodontal disease can also be affected by medical factors such as diabetes and smoking.

Patients suffering from periodontal disease usually require extra care. We ensure these patients are taught excellent brushing and flossing skills and are usually on a three monthly hygiene schedule. We also measure the gum pockets around each tooth at every appointment and x-rays are also taken more frequently to assess the bone level.

Based on strict hygiene routine at home and regular visits along with a sensible lifestyle, our aim at Essential Care Dental is to ensure all our patients feel confident with their mouth. Should you have any concerns are would like to speak to one of our friendly team, do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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