By introducing your child to Essential Care Dental from an early age, they’ll learn dental visits are a normal and positive part of life.

We are here to help your child develop healthy dental habits that will reduce the chance of them experiencing oral health problems later in life.

At Essential Care Dental, we recommend that your child’s first visit here to be at around eighteen months of age. Often this is just an introduction to our team and the clinic. It is a good idea to schedule your own hygiene and check-up appointment at the same time so they can see you have your teeth examined and feel more relaxed and receptive to their own visit.

What’s involved in a child’s dental check-up?

  • Assessing the health of your child’s teeth and gums
  • Educating your child and you about correct dental hygiene practices at home
  • Checking for jaw alignment or teeth malocclusion that may indicate future orthodontic interception


If there are any problems that we may recognise, a thorough discussion will allow you to make the best informed decision. The earlier the problem is identified in children, the easier the problem is to resolve. Deciduous or baby teeth are extremely important for the development of the permanent teeth but also aids with correct jaw and facial development.

What common problems can we identify in a child’s mouth?

The most common dental problem we see in children is tooth decay. If this is not recognized or treated, tooth decay will generally lead to pain and infection. Treatment in these cases becomes more complex with either nerve therapy or even extractions. These problems are the common causes of children having unpleasant experiences from an early age.

Children may also develop crooked or crowded teeth and misaligned jaws. Early identification and diagnosis can go a long way in reducing long-term and complex treatments in the future. Although some components of your child’s developing teeth may be out of your control, our experienced team are able to discuss the impacts of innocent issues like mouth breathing, snoring, thumb sucking and pacifiers.

Does my child need to see a specialist?

At Essential Care Dental, our entire team have years of experience with children of all ages. Our dentists William and Nikhil are extremely caring and ensure that children and their parents are at ease during any appointment. We are able to provide for most services that your child may need within our practice. Should specialist care be necessary, we do work closely with local Paediatric Specialists.

Both William and Nikhil are also trained and experienced in the field of orthodontics. Although not specialist Orthodontists, they have both completed a two-year comprehensive orthodontic program through Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, and are also trained to provide Myobrace treatment options as well.

What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is an alternative form of orthodontic treatment that is provided at Essential Care Dental. It is aimed at addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth and misaligned jaw mainly addressing importance of nasal breathing and rectifying any bad habits. Our team are trained to identify children who display these signs and symptoms and informed decisions are made to consider any interceptive Myobrace treatment. Usually treatment is best considered at an early age, between the 6-10 years of age. Treatment can be considered later however as more adult teeth come through and jaw development slows down, more traditional forms of orthodontic treatment may need to be considered.

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