Our Philosophy

Creating a positive dental experience

At Essential Care Dental, we believe having healthy teeth is the start of a positive outlook on life. They understand many people are still anxious about going to the dentist and they want to change this mindset and give everyone the chance to boost their confidence and self-esteem with a brilliant smile.

At Essential Care Dental, we believe there are three core functions to deliver: improving people’s health by promoting healthy teeth and gums for life; building a positive relationship with patients by working with them; and helping people to look and feel good with beautiful teeth.

Healthy Smile for LifeYour dentist is the link between you and great teeth

We believe dental visits can be improved by establishing a great relationship with you – the patient.  They hope to inform patients of the connection between good dental health and overall health and wellbeing. Modern social and lifestyle factors can adversely affect our teeth.  Excess consumption of tobacco smoking, alcohol, coffee and sugar-laden and acidic foods and drinks can adversely affect the condition of our teeth and gums. It can also lead to unsightly stains and discoloured teeth. Did you know that medical research has proven a link between untreated teeth and gum problems and heart disease and diabetes in later life? It’s confronting, but it’s not too late to do something about it.

Preventative dentistry

Make the choice now, to take control of your family’s dental health.  Remember, routine preventative dentistry including correct oral hygiene, a healthy diet and regular dentist visits, will help your family to maintain a healthy smile for life.  Parents need to assist their children to make a good start with their dental care routine too. At Essential Care Dental we will show you and your family the correct cleaning and flossing procedure to maintain your teeth between six-monthly visits. It may also reduce the need for costly, emergency treatment later.

Emergency dental

Essential Care Dental offers the full range of emergency, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. No procedure is commenced without full discussion with the patient – we even have a specialised consultation room. William and Nikhil take the time to explain all the options in easy-to-understand language in an empathetic way. When we recommend treatment options such as teeth whitening, crown or bridge, veneers, dentures, orthodontic/braces or dental implants we know it’s a big decision and we give you time to consider the best solution and the associated costs and benefits.  We only use quality Australian-made dental fixtures that are made to last.

You need to take control of your dental health and the time to start is now. For a consultation at Essential Care Dental contact us now to make an appointment.

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