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Teaching children to be responsible for their dental hygiene can be a nightmare, and it doesn’t become any easier as they reach their teenage years when the longing to sleep in on weekends and play video games all day takes over. Unfortunately, tooth decay and abscesses are far from rare in children aged between two and 17 years, and covering the treatment costs offered by an Indooroopilly dentist can be difficult for low-income families.

At Essential Care Dental, our talented and experienced Indooroopilly dentist can perform almost any kind of dental treatment your child needs. Plus, we can bulk-bill payments under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) so that low-income families don’t have to cover the costs or even make a claim to benefit from out services. Below, we take a look at the most common dental treatments for children as well as what the CBDS covers.

Treatments Provided by an Indooroopilly Dentist

Our skilled dentists offer a complete range of dental services, including fissure sealing, basic examinations, extractions, cleaning, root canals, partial dentures, and fillings. Plus, the CBDS covers the costs of those services so all children, regardless of background, can receive the dental treatment they need. Here are some of our most popular treatments:

– Cleaning

Even though it’s crucial to take dental hygiene seriously at home, an Indooroopilly dentist can professionally clean teeth to eliminate plaque and reduce the risk of cavities.

– Fillings

We can often restore decayed teeth to their previous shape and functions with fillings, and our professional Indooroopilly dentist uses the best materials on the market to ensure longevity and comfort. Plus, we’ll clearly explain how to take care of your fillings to prevent further tooth decay.

– Root Canals

If a cavity or injury damages a tooth’s root, you may need root canal treatment to eliminate the pain effectively. Deep infections in roots can cause great discomfort, and they usually won’t disappear without professional help from an Indooroopilly dentist.

– Extractions

We will do everything we can to keep your and your children’s teeth healthy, but if a tooth is unrestorable and risks causing damage to surrounding areas, we may need to extract the damaged tooth to keep you your dental hygiene in good shape.

– Partial Dentures

After extractions in certain situations, you may need partial dentures to fill the gap. Partial dentures look and feel like real teeth, and you can remove them you don’t need to wear them. Admittedly, partial dentures can be pricey, but you may not be liable to pay for the treatment if the CBDS covers you.

Our Job is to Take Care of You

At Essential Care Dental, we aim to provide high-quality dental services and make everything simple for you, which is why we offer a bulk-billing option whereby we’re responsible for obtaining payment from the Department of Health if you’re covered by the CBDS (you can find out here). If you or your child needs dental treatment for healthy and fresh teeth and gums, our friendly Indooroopilly dentist will guide through every step of the process.

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