Invisalign – Virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth!

Ever wanted to have your teeth straightened but did not want wear traditional braces with all the wires and metal brackets? Ever wanted to have your teeth straightened but at the same time not affect the way you eat, drink

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Whiter, brighter smiles in time for Summer

Take home teeth whitening kits Personalised bleaching trays $395   Commonly Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening   1. Are over-the-counter/supermarket whitening products including whitening toothpaste just as effective? Alternative over-the-counter or off-the-shelf whitening products are not as effective as ones

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Protect your smile this footy season with a Mouthguard

Professional customfitted mouthguards FREE When booked in with comprehensive exam and clean for $219* *This offer is available also to patients with private health insurance. Gap payments apply if rebate less than $219 We are equipped with all the modern

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Wisdom Teeth – What do I do with them??

Wisdom teeth are usually the last set of teeth to push through gums between the ages of 16 to 22. In most cases, wisdom teeth do not have enough room to come through the gums easily and become wedged in

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Dental Implants – Why you should get them?

Whether it’s due to age, injury, tooth decay or other factors, many people suffer from missing teeth. For many, this can present problems, including having an affect on self-esteem. Luckily, this can be addressed with dental implants. Dental implants include

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