The Essential Care Dental team’s mission is that we want everyone to feel comfortable about visiting the dentist.

We adopt a personalised approach to your dental care to ensure you’re satisfied that any treatment you undergo is the right choice for you.

Our passion for good oral health has also extended further than just the walls of our practice and we are very active in our local community. Whether it is supporting our local sporting clubs and schools or providing educational talks at the local kindergartens, we know that good oral health does not just mean going to the dentist is all that is required.

We also support local and Australian businesses only. Our instruments and materials are sourced from reputable suppliers that adhere to strict TGA requirements. Also, our Laboratories where crowns and other appliances are made are local too. Our aim is to not only maintain a high standard of work and quality but also promote local growth in our community.

We are proud sponsors of the Taylor Bridge Rugby Club and the Graceville State School Fete.

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